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 Ball and Burlap Landscape Trees available

Welcome to Sand Country

Christmas Trees!

 Wholesale Christmas Trees

We grow and wholesale the highest quality trees in the Midwest. We go to extraordinary measures to grow trees to their best possible structure and density. Quality is primal with us and cost is secondary, thus our costs of production are higher and our pricing reflects this burden.
We offer seven different species of high quality Christmas trees in many different size classes. In the Pine we have Scotch, White, and Norway. Fir we offer Balsam , Fraser, Canaan, And Korean. Spruce we have Colorado Blue, Meyer and White Spruce.
We offer 3 different Grades of trees: Premium, #1, #2. The #1 and #2 are used by many to fill the market for one priced and economy priced trees. Premium is the best and often will not compare to other growers grades. Our #1 grade is the closer to other growers premium grade and the #2 is still a good tree, they fill the markets lower cost trees.

We Currently Have Ball and Burlap Landscape Trees available.
      Colorado Blue Spruce ranging from 5ft to 9ft.
      White Spruce ranging from 5ft to 8ft
      Black Hill Spruce 6ft to 8ft
      White Pine 6ft to 7ft
      Balsam Fir 6ft to 7 ft
      Autumn Blaze Maple 2.5 inch caliper
Ball and Burlap trees are dug in either 32 inch or 36 inch basket with 2 layers of burlap.

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Installations available