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Balsam and Fraser fir

Fraser Fir

Scotch Pine

Norway Pine

Tree Varieties


We offer several species of top quality Christmas Trees and in every possible size.


  • Pines: Scotch Pine, Norway Pine, and White Pine.
  • Firs: Balsam Fir, Fraser Fir, and Canaan Fir
  • Spruces: Colorado Spruce and White Spruce (White not on list - call for price)

We offer three Grades of trees: Premium, #1, and #2. Most of the industry uses a category called "#1 and better". Our customers were asking for the "better" alone and so we made three categories. The #1 and #2 are both still decent quality trees and fill the market for one-price or economy-priced trees.

Try a few of each and see for yourself! Many other growers supplement their own supplies with our trees and perhaps that’s the greatest compliment we can get!


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